Session Topics

4th Saturday of each month for 5 months. 3 sessions each day. These days will be filled with challenging biblical truth to help you grow deeper as a Christian and fall more in love with Jesus. This is not an A La Carte selection. Please commit to attend all sessions.

3/23The Call of God

Servanthood - Part 1

Servanthood - Part 2



How To Disciple Others

5/25Spiritual Leadership - Part 1

Spiritual Leadership - Part 2

Walking In The Spirit In Ministry

6/22Time Management/Personal Growth

JuneBiblical Counseling Principles

JuneIntroduction To Apologetics

7/27How To Study Your Bible - Part 1

How To Study Your Bible - Part 2

Basic Hermeneutics

Your Information

Commitment Letter

Before you choose to attend you need to read this letter from Pastor Will and sign a commitment to attend all classes.  No pressure. You're not less of a Christian if the timing won't work for you this time around. But it's important to start and finish the whole thing together. You can download the pdf to read more easily. Please do not sign if you cannot commit at this time.

Invitation Letter for School of Ministryb.pdf

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